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Affordable Taxes Done for YOU Income Tax Preperation 1040 Income Tax Prepaird Personal and Business Taxes Income Tax Forms Contact us regarding your Personal and Business accounting and bookkeeping requirements, we will help you save money.
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Yuma Accounting offers our accounting and bookeeping services for all your personal and business needs.
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Income Tax Refund
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Yuma Accounting: Foothills - Yuma, Arizona 85367
Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Phone: (928) 248-4898
Fax: (928) 248-4898

(Evening hours available by appointment only)

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Welcome to Yuma Accounting:

Susan will help everyone with their personal and business tax preparation & accounting requirements..

Susan at Yuma Accounting located in Yuma, AZ will gladly prepare all your tax forms and provide you or your business with monthly Quick Books accounting, bookkeeping, financial statements, corporate tax preparation, small business incorporation, individual income tax preparation, and tax planning services for your personal or business requirements. Yuma Accounting will provide you with monthly and quarterly Quick Books accounting services and help you with current tax laws along with any tax preparation required.

If I assisted you with your personal or business income taxes or your office bookkeeping last year then you already know about my services as well as my Yuma Accounting prices as listed below:

  • No hidden charges.
  • No extra fee for E-filing.
  • No extra charge for direct deposit.
  • And Much More.
Yuma Accounting can HELP You!!! Yuma Accounting: Foothills - Yuma, Arizona 85367 Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Evening hours available by appointment only)

Yuma Accounting, we are much more than Taxes:

If you are new to our tax service please take a moment and read over the items listed below:

1. Did you prepare your own taxes last year?

If "Yes," probably paid for do-it-yourself software (Turbo Tax, H&R Block tax cuts). These software packages alone cost anywhere from $50.00 - $100.00 or more. Why pay so much just for the software? You will have to spend countless hours preparing your own taxes and who knows how much they will charge to actually "file" your tax returns.

2. If you went to see some tax preparers in your local town last year. How much did you pay? There are many tax preparers in towns all over the US. If you went to see one of those last year then you already know how much they charge. Most charge anywhere from $150.00 to over $400.00 for a simple tax returns. If you have children and you qualify for EIC Credit, Child tax credit, credit for child care and so on, they charge even MORE!

My Fees: Federal from: $50.00 and up, State from: $10.00 and up. I don't base my fee on how big of a refund you are going to get! It's your money, why give it away?

3. Most of the tax preparers in towns within the US require you to drop your W-2's and other statements and will make you come the next day or two.

I go over line items one by one with you so I can get everything you have coming. I will educate you and show you your tax returns and answer all questions honestly.

If you are still not satisfied, I will simply return your papers at no cost and you are free to go sit with some other tax preparers. I'm certain you will come back to me and never want anyone else to prepare your taxes again!

Why go anywhere else? Contact me today and see how much you can save!

  • Free E-File.
  • Free Direct Deposit of your refund in your bank account.
  • No "extra" charge for every single tax form.
  • Loyalty discount - Repeat clients get discounted rate.
  • Available through-out the year. You are welcome to call me anytime during business hours.
  • FREE TAX RETURNS - refer 5 new people for a FREE tax return!
  • And many other service not mentioned here. Please contact me for a complete list of services and see what I can do for YOU.