About Susan & Yuma Accounting:

Susan & the history of Yuma Accounting.

Susan LeBlanc

I have been doing taxes since 2005. I started with H&R Block Tax course, and I did extremely well in the course. I always had a CPA doing my taxes and I found out he did them wrong. I amended three years of my taxes and received over $7000.00 dollars. I worked for H&R Block for three years to get experience, and I was so surprised about how much they charge for really simple returns, so I decided to go into business for myself. Every year I register with the IRS and take the refresher course to keep me informed with all the tax changes. I can do any state and I can electronically file your return. I ask a lot of questions to make sure you are getting the most deductions you are allowed.

I Love working with Taxes:

I know that saying "I Love working with Taxes" probably sounds crazy but it's true. My friends tell me I light up when I talk about taxes, go figure.


In 2004 I took an H&R Block Tax course and I have been hooked ever since. Once I finished the course I took a look at the past three years of my own taxes done by a professional CPA, I was shocked and thrilled to see that I was owed over $7000.00 dollars, which I quickly amended and my mission was in motion. I say mission because I love to help people. I worked for H&R Block for three years to gain experience all the time being amazed at what they charged to do a simple return. I decided to open up my own business, each year I register with the IRS and I continue to take refresher courses to keep up with the new tax changes and laws.

Registered Tax Return Preparer for Susan A Leblanc

I am able to do any taxes regardless of what State you live in, you can choose to have the returns filed electronically or mailed to you it’s your choice. Our first conversation will be packed full of questions so that I can make sure you are getting the most deductions allowed.

Veteran owned and operated business.